Medicaid & Long-Term Care

We are dedicated to helping the elderly and disabled in accessing the quality care they need and in receiving the full extent of government benefits they have earned.

We work to ensure that our clients have the benefit of every legal opportunity to protect and preserve their homes and other assets for the benefit of their spouse and other heirs. With proper planning and assistance, you won’t have to worry about “Medicaid taking my house.”

We can help you through the complex tasks of making application for Medicaid and other government benefits. Eligibility requirements and allowances vary according to marital status, income, assets, and other factors.

After an initial consultation and review of your eligibility criteria, we will be able to estimate the extent and amount of benefits that may be available in your particular circumstances.

All the government forms, verifications, applications administration and coordination with caseworkers, facility admission officers, and others involved in determining eligibility for assistance, and access to appropriate long-term care facilities can be handled for you.

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